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Common FHA Requirements

Property Exterior

  • Does the water adequately drain away from the house?
  • Is there spouting and downspouts?
  • Do the downspouts extend away from the foundation?
  • Are there damaged steps (exterior basement or porch) that could be a safety hazard?
  • Will the roof last 2 years or are there signs of deterioration?
  • Is there any exterior peeling paint? Houses built before 1978 require any peeling paint to be repaired anywhere on the property (sheds, garages, windows, soffit and fascia, etc.)
  • Is there a well or septic on the property? They should be 50’ apart and the well should be at least 10’ from the property line.
  • A shared well is acceptable with a written agreement.
  • Does the water smell odd and is there enough water pressure?
  • Does the exterior structure or the improvements appear sound?
  • Is the garage or an old shed leaning badly enough to pose a safety hazard?

Property Interior

  • Is there any peeling paint anywhere if the house is built before 1978?
  • Is there any sign of a water leak on the ceilings?
  • Are all of the utilities on?
  • Water, hot water tank, furnace and electricity all have to be on and functioning at the time of the inspection, including those for bank foreclosures.
  • Is there adequate heat in the house and 2nd floor?
  • Is there adequate attic ventilation (ridge vents, gable vents, soffit and fascia vents)?
  • Are there any large cracks or settlement in the foundation walls?
  • Is there excessive water in the basement?
  • Do the bedroom windows open in case of a fire?
  • Are there any unfinished walls and ceilings?
  • Handrails are no longer required by FHA on stairways and GFI outlets are also not required.
  • Is there any exposed wiring?
  • Outlets, junction boxes and light switches need covered. Also, any loose or dangling light fixtures need secured.
  • Does each bedroom have an electrical outlet?
  • The hot water tank’s pressure relief value should be lowered to the basement floor to prevent scalding.
  • All rooms need to be inspected and accessible. The garage also needs to be unlocked or able to be opened.
  • Is there adequate access to the crawl space to fix any mechanicals (water and heating runs) in case of damage?

These are some of the main HUD requirements and can help identify problems before an FHA contract is written or a house is listed for sale. Because FHA guidelines are changing frequently, contact us with any questions.